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    Rules for Crossroad of Destiny


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    Rules for Crossroad of Destiny

    Post by Grayz on Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:12 pm

    In Crossroad of Destiny you will have the chance to gain powers for your adventure. In any divine interventions there are RULES. Please follow the rules as follows:

    -No Spam
    -Make a Topic Here to Get Stats
    -after you make your topic post again not using quick reply and roll 5 dices
    -each dice represent your stat
    -Your stats are as follow

    STR-strength: your physical abilities
    DEF-defense: your ability to defend yourself
    STM-Stamina: your durability.
    Mana-your magical ability
    SPR -Spirit: your spiritual ability

    -You can only roll once! DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST AS IT WILL RE-ROLL THE DICES.
    -After you get your stat you can edit yourself or the mods will do it for you. Your Topic will be deleted.
    -YOUR STATS ARE FINAL!! unless stated so.

    How to get more HP and EXP:
    - After you fight in Battles and finishing Dungeons you'll receive EXP.
    -These EXP will be distributed by our mods. We'll give them equally according to the writer/owner of the dungeons or Battles. The mods will ask them so don't worry.
    -After you fill your EXP bar you will get an extended EXP bar. aka Level UP. And your exp bar will revert to 0 value again.
    - Your HP also increase after you gain a level.
    -Here are the values you'll get after leveling up:
    1st: HP 50+ EXP 50+
    2nd: HP 100+ EXP 100+
    3rd: HP 150+ EXP 150+

    as you can see it will increase 50 per level.


    Re: Rules for Crossroad of Destiny

    Post by Guest on Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:48 pm

    How do we roll the dice? Very Happy

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    Re: Rules for Crossroad of Destiny

    Post by Krypto on Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:31 pm

    go to post reply and there is an option for that.. ^^


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    Re: Rules for Crossroad of Destiny

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