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    The new and improved fallen angels



    The new and improved fallen angels

    Post by Guest on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:29 pm

    i was sitting around and i was lookin at my fallen angels and i started to think.... .....i shud make them more relistic to actual fallen angels so i redid them all and this is is the first installment there may be more later on kinda like e heros i guess lol but better.... ....seriously.

    These are my new and improved fallen angels i have made them more realistic and
    balanced than they previously were... i gave them better pics lol

    When this monster is destroyed, you may destroy one monster you opponent controls
    and inflict damage equal to half of the selected monsters current attack.

    While this monster remains face-up on your side of the field your opponent cannot
    select another monster as the target of an attack. This card is unaffected by spell, trap
    and monster effects. This card may not attack unless you control at least 1 other fallen
    angel type monster

    This card may only be ritual summoned by the effect of "The Storm Before the Calm".
    By paying 2000 lp destroy all other cards on the field, and both players must discard
    their entire hand, afterward both players draw 6 cards and special summon one monster
    to the field from their grave ("Calm" may not be summoned by this effect).

    The most evil and one of the most respected out of the fallen angels. Few who meet her
    live to tell the tale.

    Special summon one Fallen Angel type monster with 2000 or less from your deck to the

    Weak while alone but is very respected by the other fallen angels and very well

    Neither player can play light attribute monsters or fairy type monsters, in addition all
    Fallen Angel type monsters gain 500 attack and defense.

    While this monster is face-up on the field your opponent cannot check their face-down
    cards, also your opponent may not check the cards in their graveyard.

    This card is used to Ritual summon the card "Beelzebub", u must also offer 1 "Calm"
    from you hand or your side of the field as a tribute.

    You may discard this card from your hand and add 1 "Fallen Sanctuary" from your
    deck to your hand.

    This card may only be equipped to a fallen angel type monster. Destroy any monster
    the card equipped with this spell attacks after damage calculation.

    A Dark attribute monster equipped with this card becomes fallen angle type. A fallen
    angel type monster equipped with this card gains 800 atk and 400 def.

    When a fallen angel type monster on your side of the field is destroyed, destroy one
    monster on the field and add one monster with 1500 or less atk from your deck to your

    All non-Fallen angel, fiend, and fairy type monsters lose 500 atk and def. While this
    card remains face-up on the field "Fallen Sanctuary" cannot be destroyed

    When this monster is successfully summoned add 1 "Fallen Unification" from your
    deck to your hand.

    Send, from your hand or side of the field to the Graveyard, Fusion Material Monsters
    that are listed on a Fallen Angel-Type Fusion Monster Card, and Special Summon that
    Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion
    Summon). The Special Summoned monster cannot be targeted by the effects of your
    opponent's Monsters, Spells, and Traps until your next standby phase.

    Calm + Bernael
    This monster may only be summoned by the effect of "Fallen Unification" with the
    above monsters. Once per turn you may destroy one card on your opponents side of
    the field, activate one of the following effects depending on the type of the selected
    Monster: deal damage to your opponent equal to the attack of the destroyed monster.
    Spell: Add one card from your deck with the same icon to your hand.
    Trap: This card may not declare an attack on this turn

    If a monster(s) of any of the following Sub-Types exists on the field, apply the
    appropriate effect(s) to that monster's controller:
    Normal Monster: You cannot attack
    Effect Monster: Cards sent to the grave are removed from play.
    Fusion: Destroy one card you control on your endphase.
    Synchro: Cut your lp in half at each of your endphases ( your lpl cannot be reduced to
    zero by this effect).

    The monster equipped with this card inflicts piercing damaged.

    When your opponent summons a monster pay half of your remaining lp and activate
    the following effect depending on the summoned monsters attribute:
    Light: Destroy the summoned monster and remove it from play.
    Dark: Double the monsters original attack and defense.
    Water: While the summoned monster remains on the field its attack and defense are
    Fire: While the summoned monster remains on the field it may not declare an attack.
    Earth: Switch the summoned monster to defense mode, its battle position may not be
    Wind: Destroy the summoned monster and send it to the graveyard.

    When this monster is destroyed and sent to the grave, special summon one Fallen
    Angel-type monster from you grave to your side of the field ingoring summoning
    conditions. The monster summoned by this effect has its effect negated.

    1 tuner monster + 1 non-tuner Fallen Angel type monster
    This monster cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. When your opponent activates a card that requires a cost the cost is doubled.

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    Re: The new and improved fallen angels

    Post by Krypto on Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:35 pm

    very good card images keep up the work ...


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