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    Monster effect for both yours and enemies


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    Monster effect for both yours and enemies

    Post by Grayz on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:35 pm

    Here the effect for monsters in the RP section.

    Only apply these effect when the monster have the following effect.
    Draw a card - Your opponent or you gain an more exp and money at the end of the battle.
    Not effected by Spell - There are not effected by Magic.
    Not effected by Trap - There are not effected (and the summoner) by Battle Items.
    effect, Spell, or Trap - They have the ability to stop monster effect,
    spell casting and negate the use of a Battle Item once then they
    Search your deck(Sangan and Killer Tomato and etc) - You encounter more monster in the dungeon. Does nothing in Battle.
    From Play - You will be out of the battle thus you do not gain any
    money or exp. Battle only; Your have one more turn than your opponent.
    Cannot be destroy by Battle - Can negate all damage that is Higher than your HP but only once and then they disappear.
    Gain ATK/DEF - they gain atk points through out the battle.
    Return to hand - The monster that is summoned disappear.
    one card, monster, spell/trap - Destroy summoned monster only. If
    spell/trap destroy Magic Barriers and Battle Item that act like a
    Special Summon if opponent have monster and etc - Not
    effect what so ever unless its from a monster that special them
    specifically like Dark Flare Knight calling Mirage Knight or Level
    Gemini - They gain their effect on the next turn.
    Gain/decrease life points- speaks for itself.
    Attack directly- Ignores any armor the character wears.
    Cannot be targeted by spell cards- can not be targeted by spells but global spells still afect them..

    Cannot be targeted by trap cards
    - same, but with items.
    Cannot be targeted by monsters effects- same but with monster effects.
    Cannot be selected as an atack target- cannot be atacked.
    Change level/atribute/type- I think this one specks for itsefl too
    Cannot be destroyed by battle- cannot be destroyed by annother monster

    Discard 1 card- You gain less exp at the end of the fight.
    Fusion summoning,- use a spell called Fusion (or Polymerizarion) and you fuse 2 monsters.
    Synchro summoning-one Tuner summon spell and one or more non tuner monster summoned. Then synchro monster is summon after the half number turns of the level of the summoning synchro monster. Like Stardust level 8 takes 4 turns.

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