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    Master Fung's Dojo for beginner Martial Artist.


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    Master Fung's Dojo for beginner Martial Artist.

    Post by Grayz on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:34 pm

    Young Grasshopper do you wish to learn the art of Kung Puu. Let Master Fung teach you the basic of the art of kick arse. But Master Fung need some spiritual energy that came from shiny or greeny cash to help with his needs *ahem*.

    Iron Fist-$20.Increase your STR by 5 and DEF by 3 . Cost 5 HP
    Iron Leg-$40.Deals 30 damage. Cost 15 HP
    Dance of the Dragon-$100.Deals 100 damage. You need to do the 5 steps first(charging for 5 turns) before you deal the final blow.Cost 70 HP.

    *Master Fung only offer this far if more come more will get*

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    Re: Master Fung's Dojo for beginner Martial Artist.

    Post by Guest on Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:28 pm

    Master Fung must be the worse dealer ever lol

    I think adding +10 strenght and +10 defense just for 20 poinst and 5 hp is a lot, maybe something like +3 or +5 would be better. The other 2 are ok.

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