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    Wreck-Gar weapons of mass fun


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    Wreck-Gar weapons of mass fun

    Post by Grayz on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:38 pm

    The weapons here are skills, you need to have the right stats to use them and ofcourse the cash to buy it.

    One time use Beam Rifle - $500. It can be used once per battle, after used you need to wait 2 battles. Deals 1000 beam damage. Require STM 20 and STR 20. Cost 50 HP.
    Plasma mini Rifle - $100.Deals 20 damage. Require STM 20 and STR 20. Cost 30 HP
    Mega Satellite Cannon Laser -$150 000 000.Deals 5000 beam damage. Require 50 STM and 500 DEF. Cost 500 HP.
    Hyper Beam Bazooka- $1900.Deals 2000 damage.You must charge up the bazooka for 5 turns,you cannot attack while charging. Require 450 DEF.Cost 45 HP.


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