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    Role Play Rules


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    Role Play Rules

    Post by Grayz on Tue Aug 04, 2009 9:13 pm

    Here some ground rules, Please obey them ok.
    -Character lines should be in a color.
    -Setting and actions should be in white.
    -No curse words if you gonna curse use bleeps**** or use replacement word like: "My rod of justice is bitten by the horny Dragon". I do not encourage so but you guys gonna do it anyways.
    - MOST IMPORTANTLY NO BASHING!!nuff said If I see bashing you out of here you are banned from RP section.
    - Start your story simple and let other people role-play as they want.
    -Do not go out of the story like: Grayz: "As I open the door Celtic did a......". Celtic: "Hit Grayz with a rubber chicken"
    -Always respect the person Story always give them what the expect. You can do the unexpected but give the reason out.
    -Do not shoot spam, yes you can reply short but try to at least elaborate.
    -Follow a story line unless you are finish with one story.
    - When you finish with the story you can ask the RP mods or me to move your story to The Endings and New Beginnings.
    - Have FUN. This rule is a priority 1!.

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    Re: Role Play Rules

    Post by Krypto on Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:27 am

    character lines should be in a color.
    Setting and actions should be in white.


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